Health Hoops Guide

A regular work-out with Magnetic Health Hoop improves your intestinal flora and prevents constipation.
Because of rhythmic and steady moves during the exercise the fat burning is increased as well.
Magnetic Health Hoop strengthens your body tissues around the abdomen, hips, bottom and thigh-strong muscles and a slim
waist will be the result.

Due to the unique construction of our Magnetic Health Hoops.

The Magnetic Health Hoop is equipped with several massage balls along the hoop, which give a massage-effect around your abdomen and waist area during the swinging of the hoop.
The construction of Magnetic Health Hoop prevents the hoop from going downward during exercise. So, you can exercise much longer than with other hula hoops.

No matter if you exercise outside in the sunshine, in front of the TV or at home, the Magnetic Health Hoop is fitness and fun for every age and gender.
Health Hoop in available in various designs and different weights.