Vita Health Hoop

Vita Health Hoop

Description of the Vita Health Hoop

The Vita Health Hoop weights 2,6 kg and has got a diameter of 108 cm.

The Vita Health Hoop is because of his material unique!
Compared to the other Health Hoops he has got many little massage-balls with small built-in magnets, but he is also providing the air with anion.

Scientific tests are showing, that oxygenation with anions has a positive effect on the human capacity. The capacity being of buoyancy and of concentration, also verve and vitality have been noted.

By up rating the anions the Vita Health Hoop links harmful substances and gases in the ambient air and improves the oxygen supply of the body.

Additionally the intensity of the exercise and the massage- as well the magnetic-effect is activated by a higher weight.

The Vita Health Hoop is easy and quickly assembled because of the 8-part ‘one-touch’-system.


Model : PHV35000W
Matter : PE, PP, PVC, Magnet Steel
Box Size : 45 X 27 X 13 cm
Made in Korea